About Me

I like movies I like fishing camping walking enjoying the sunshine and fresh air while I can I like watching the sunset come up with a cup of coffee or hot tea and I also like to read I'm Catholic I do go to try to go to mass you know I haven't been gone yet also have a bird his name is Mario and he's a parakeet and he discuss if you don't like that person but you can barely hear him so I didn't teach him that it came to me like that used to be someone else's bird but I bought him at a pet store and Colorado so I do like music I have a brand new record player and I have I got vinyl collection now that they made a comeback and my mom helped me out with that collection so we're good and my dad has dementia and Alzheimer's which is a good and I got to take care of my dad so it's work in all but also my aunt and my cousin they help out with this you know so that's a plus and yeah just looking for the right man spend a lifetime with and hope all goes great

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