About Me

I love walking and work on creative activities..I am 30
I have a good sense of humor...I love music...Pop,New Country,Techno, a little Rock and Classical...I love to hang out...I'm always looking for a good time. I try to keep an optimistic point of view. Let's be honest optimism is hard but it's worth fightin' for. I also like to try new things. Please feel free to ask me what I mean by that LOL. I can make almost everything seem comical. Laughter is nature's way of saying I told you so. So just roll with it. I am a deep thinker. I may be young but I am insightful in ways that go beyond my years. I have a lot of free time. Any who I just want you all to know I am looking for anything and everything. SURPRISE I'm a package feel free to unwrap me LOL

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